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I’m Bryan Elliott, founder of the SoCal Action Sports Network, thanks for taking a minute to watch the video above about our story. On a personal note you might say I’m an entrepreneur. Why do I do this? Leading a community is not for everyone. So why do I spend my personal time, money and effort planning and hosting monthly events, bringing in industry experts, writing articles, posting information & news, writing a weekly newsletter, monitoring thousands of membership requests, managing and commenting on our discussion boards–on multiple social networks, answering hundreds of daily emails, meeting and connecting members and more mostly without pay? It’s because leading this community is a labor of love for me. It’s a privilege to be associated with so many talented people.

So how do I make money? I’ve been working as a brand, web and social media strategy consultant for the last 2 years doing projects in action sports, movies, video games, automotive and more. Social media is a major focus and I’m honored to be invited to speak at conferences like BlogWorld, Inbound Marketing Summit and guest teach at universities on occasion on the subject. It wasn’t not too terrible either finding my work featured in the New York Times Best Selling book, “Trust Agents” by social media icon Chris Brogan

I’m passionate about helping brands develop and execute social media strategies. In many cases I’m helping them build their own passionate communities , establish a social media presence, set up best practices, or acting as their online voice blogging, and communicating messages across multiple platforms.

The SoCal Action Sports Network is a microcosm of my work with lifestyle brands. We are an industry and consumer network. On the industry side, members and partners manage Lifestyle Brands representing some of the top brands, retailers and partners in Action Sports and now across multiple industries. We are key influencers, experts and trend-setters in lifestyle marketing, Gen Y and the youth culture movement. Members and partners come from industries including Fashion & Action Sports, Retail, Music & Entertainment, Consumer Package goods, Consumer Electronics, Automotive & Motorsports, Food & Beverage and many more.

On the consumer side, we have assembled a growing community of university students representing the top schools from Los Angeles to San Diego and everywhere in between.

Our primary mission is to help our members connect, collaborate and prosper. We get together in Southern California and a majority of members are from San Diego, Orange County & LA areas. We are growing beyond SoCal and now have members from across the country.

While there is strength in numbers, we don’t measure value by how many members we have. We’re not keeping score of our popularity or adding hundreds of new ‘friends’ we may never know. We’re interested in real people who understand that the real value of social networking is when it translates into meaningful relationships of trust. Where members help each other, form a community and prosper. A place where innovation, creativity and collaboration thrive. And self-promotion takes a back seat to generosity.

Our network is by invite, referral or request only. Although we have many influential members, qualification is not about status; it’s about relevancy. If you feel that you qualify or have interest in joining us please inquire here.

Bryan Elliott, Founder

Email: Bryan@SoCalActionSportsNetwork.com
Twitter: @BryanElliott



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